All songs written by Grady Skelton

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1. We Like Drinkin’                    

2. Cruel Intentions                     
3. Gonna Rain                           
4. My Love                               
5. The Chase                             
6. Girl I Love                             
7. Heartbroke and Lonely              
8. Live Simply                            
9. Rock Bottom                           
10. Take It From Me                     
11. It’s Too Late (Bonus Track. Featured on Full Album purchase only).

LIVE SIMPLY is a meticulous collection of songs that are heartfelt, honest and rowdy, displaying a common theme of love and simplicity. All tracks were written by Grady and produced by longtime friend and supporter Clay Corn, of Ryder Media, known also as the long-time keys player with Pat Green. Clay helps to deliver the songs and the range of emotion of LIVE SIMPLY  by featuring piano and baritone guitar, blended with unique female harmonies that cleverly capture and showcase Grady’s best songwriting to date.

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